Index Traub

Index Traub

The INDEX Group is one of the largest leading turning machine manufacturers in the world. The Company was founded in 1914 and operates worldwide. Quality, reliability and technical leadership are reflected in an extensive product line and services.

INDEX Group dedicates its deep engineering resources to developing solutions to helping precision turned parts manufacturers become globally competitive at the highest levels. Rapid changeovers, short cycle times, high-quality machining as well as reduced floorspace and energy requirements are key advantages of INDEX and TRAUB machines. 

INDEX and TRAUB provide high quality, long term answers to complex precision parts-making challenges by providing the highest quality world class multi-tasking, Swiss, production, multispindle, vertical turning, and grinding machines. With our machines, shops across the globe develop machining strategies that permit high precision, multiple operations in a single setup with rapid changeover and zero handling.

Located in Noblesville IN, INDEX Corporation maintains a modern 65,000 sq ft sales, service and engineering facility housing more than 60 in-house service and application support staff.

THE INDEX Corporation Mission

Providing our customers with the most efficient, cost-effective and flexible manufacturing solution to continually produce complex, high-quality parts, using materials which are typically difficult to machine, complete in a single set-up.

Product Lines for the Index Group

SpeedLine – CNC-Automatic Lathes ABC / C100 / C200 – Twin Spindle Three Turret Machines with Y-axis offering the ultimate in speed and performance.

MultiLine – Multi Spindle Turning Machines MS16 / MS16 Plus / MS22 / MS22-8 / MS32 / MS40 / MS52 – From 16mm to 52mm CNC Multi-Spindle machines offering up to 8 spindles doing simultaneous front and/or back work on your high to medium volume parts.

Swiss Line – Traub offers 16mm to 32mm unique Swiss Style machines with Turrets offering Swiss speeds and capabilities with the flexibility and versatility of a turret.

VerticalLine – Vertical Turning Centers, Turn-Grind Centers V160C / V160G – 200mm Vertical Chucking machines offering turning and grinding capabilities.

RatioLine Turn-Mill Centers R200 / R300 / G200 / G220 / G250 / G400

Full Service Offerings

• Specializing in complete turnkey projects

•Test Cuts

•Order-to-Final Acceptance Project Management Approach

•Full Manufacturing Support

•Shop Floor Management

•Preventive Maintenance

•Simultaneous Engineering

•Industry 4.0 ready