All Markforged materials are about giving the customer a strong and usable part. Our base material Onyx is already 40% stiffer than ABS. Onyx provides the foundation for Markforged’s 3D printed advanced composites materials. It can be printed on its own or reinforced with any of our four
continuous fibers.

Continuous Fibers for 3D Printing

Markforged is the first company to offer 3D printed continuous fibers, enabling composite parts to be robust enough to replace machined metal. Markforged offers Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass, HSHT (high strength high temperature) Fiberglass, and Kevlar. Each offers its own unique benefits for a customer’s application.


For composite printing Markforged offers their Desktop Series and the Industrial Series.

Industrial Series

Industrial grade large-format printers deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability. These industrial 3D printers are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling. Save time and money printing tools previously machined out of aluminum. This series includes the X3, X5, and X7. The X7 can print all the different fibers and materials Markforged offers at a very competitive price.

Desktop Series

The Desktop Series combines industrial quality and affordability in an all-aluminum form factor that fits on your desktop. This series of printer from Markforged can be a great way to get started in composite printing. The price for these printers matches printers with a fraction of the capability. This series includes the Onyx One, Onyx Pro, and Mark Two. The Mark Two is the world’s only continuous carbon fiber desktop printer. Print incredibly strong continuous fiber parts at a fraction of the cost of the competition.


What is a composite?
Composites are parts made up of more than one material that, when combined, have synergistic properties different from the original materials. There are two main components of composite parts: a matrix and a reinforcement

What is CFF?
Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF) is the method with which fiber reinforced composites are 3D printed. Continuous fibers are extruded layer-by-layer similarly to FFF processes.

What types of composite materials can Markforged use for 3D printing?
Markforged offers four reinforcement fibers: carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and HSHT

Can I print using only fibers?
Just as carbon fiber are always laid with a matrix, so are our fibers. Our reinforcement fibers are 3D printed with Onyx during the printing process to ensure optimal mechanical properties, accuracy, and surface finish.