EWAG Grinders

IMS represents EWAG grinders in Illinois and Indiana. EWAG is a leading manufacturer of high-precision grinding machines for the cutting tool and insert industry. Their manual universal grinders are used to manufacture and the regrinding of high-precision micro tools, and diamond inserts. CNC models are for the grinding of high-precision and hard metals such as cermet, ceramic, PCB/PCD, as well as regrinding of all indexable inserts. EWAG grinding machines produce tool accuracies in the microns with mirror finishes. EWAG builds tool grinders and production tool grinding centers for rotary tools and high quality indexable inserts in tungsten carbide, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline boron nitride).

EWAG products also includes the laser precision line. It is the perfect machine for getting started with laser technology for modern tool manufacturers. The latest fibre laser technology in the green-wavelength range provides efficient machining results in the commercially available diamond cutting materials, such as CBN, PCD and CVD-D. The EWAG Laser Touch Machining Process can be used to achieve very complex geometries with excellent surface quality. The trend toward even harder cutting materials such as CVD diamonds is taking today’s grinding and electrical discharge machining (EDM) technologies to their limits. However, the Laser Line Ultra enables these limits to be exceeded and, in so doing, is setting new standards in tool machining with regard to flexibility, quality, and productivity.