Hermle 5-axis Maching centers

Hermle USA, Inc., located in Franklin, Wisconsin is the North American Headquarters of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG, Gosheim, Germany

and provides North America’s leading manufacturers with the finest high precision machining centers and world-class technical customer support.


At Hermle, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success.

Once you have reached this pinnacle of achievement, it is time to join the winning professionals around the world and Step up to a Hermle.


Our hand-selected network of trusted suppliers ensures that every Hermle machine is built to last and is made out of the highest quality materials.

Keeping in mind world-class dynamics, Hermle’s carefully honed and detailed process results in nimble, powerful and exceptionally precise

machines that are up to any task and deliver a life-time of winning results.


Once you are here, you will quickly realize how we deliver what many call the best machines in the world.


Step Up To A Hermle!


Performance Line

C 250 

Work Piece Dimensions: 450mm x 355mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 600-550-450mm

C 400 

Work Piece Dimensions: 650mm x 500mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 850-700-500mm

C 650 

Work Piece Dimensions: 900mm x 600mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 1050-900-600mm

High Performance Line

C 12 

Work Piece Dimensions: 320mm x 265mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 350-440-330mm

C 22 

Work Piece Dimensions: 450mm x 370mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 450-600-330mm

C 32 

Work Piece Dimensions: 650mm x 420mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 650-650-500mm

C 42 

Work Piece Dimensions: 800mm x 560mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 800-800-550mm

U-Axis Available

C 52 

Work Piece Dimensions: 1000mm x 810mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 1000-1100-750mm

U-Axis Available

C 62 

Work Piece Dimensions: 1200mm x 900mm

Traverse X-Y-Z: 1200-1300-900mm

U-Axis Available