Cemastir Lavametalli has been engineering and manufacturing aqueous metal degreasing machines for the treatment of industry parts and components for over 40 years.

Cemastir is committed to technological development aimed at tackling increasingly demanding cleaning needs as shown with the new L.U.NA. system which is the most innovative solvent parts cleaning system on the market.

Cemastir has grown substantially throughout the world with its focus on new products for a global market and the acquisitions of major companies in the industry in different markets around the globe. They have further extended the range of Cemastir products to include metal degreasing machines based on chlorinated solvents, modified alcohol and hydrocarbons (class AIII).
Today, Cemastir is able to put decades of experience at its customers’ disposal, together with a complete range of solutions for surface treatments for a wide range of industrial fields such as:





Mechanical Engineering



and for a wide range of applications:

motors, small mechanical parts, galvanized material, aluminum containers, steel parts, tubes and connections, pistons, spheres, valves, connectors, heat exchangers, repair shops accessories, ballpoint pens, keys and padlocks, electronic cards, conditioning systems components, hydraulics components, precious metals, kitchen tools, polyurethane soles, teflon gaskets.


Water and detergent

 Cleaning with aqueous solutions is the most natural and immediate way to clean parts from any type of contamination; it also affords subsequent cleaning through different techniques and allows for further treatment of such parts.

Forty years experience in this field allow us  to meet any request for  inter-operational cleaning, spray washing, positioned cleaning , immersion cleaning, and continuous cleaning – all cleaning processes we offer through different models in our equipment.

Whenever standard equipment cannot meet your needs, our knowledge in the cleaning field allows us to develop  customized equipment, designed to meet customer-specific needs.

Modified alcohol and hydrocarbons

 Originally created as an alternative to chlorinated solvents, modified alcohol and hydrocarbons have become quite successful in a short period of time and are now largely used to treat metal and non-metal surfaces.

One of the features that make this equipment such a popular choice is the assurance of consistently obtaining perfectly clean, degreased and dry component parts using low energy and solvent consumption. The use of vacuum technology also allows for short-time operation and subsequent reduction of emissions to a minimum, making it an environmentally sound choice.

Our offering includes fully automated standard degreasing equipment (one to four baskets),as well as cleaning systems, designed, manufactured and made to meet our customers’ needs.


With L.UN.A. we present our customers the currently most innovative parts cleaning system on the solvent sector. It combines hydrocarbons/modified alcohol of class AIII & perchloroethylene in one and the same machine. With L.UN.A. you don ́t have to ask yourself, which of the two solvents is best suited for you, because with L.UN.A. you can switch between the solvents in a short time with nearly just one click on the PLC display. Furthermore, for all PERC users, the active carbon unit is no longer necessary with L.UN.A., because of the patented & highly efficient condensation system, which is integrated in every L.UN.A. machine. Further advantages include energy savings of up to 30% and consistently fast batch times during the measuring phase after washing and drying for perc users. And of course, L.UN.A. is able to operate with every standard industrial option like ultrasonic, remote control and fully automation devices.


L.UN.A. works with mod. Alc ( AIII ) or perc in exactly the same machine

L.UN.A. set ́s a new benchmark with continuous fast batch times because of the patented condensation system for perc users

L.UN.A. will reduce your energy costs up to 30% compared to a conventional perc machine operating with olden active carbon unit

L.UN.A. will raise your weekly output of batches to a new level, because the extreme waiting time at the emission point for perc users is eliminated

L.UN.A. will never again force you to meet the decision whether

Chlorinated Solvents

The use of chlorinated solvents is the most common in industrial cleaning environments. Thanks to both an excellent degreasing capacity and low evaporation temperatures, which lead to effective drying within short periods of time, chlorinated solvents are largely used where optimal cleaning results are required in combination with low investments.

Our utmost compliance with environmental regulations and consideration for environmentally sound practices, together with forty years of experience in the manufacturing of solvent-reliant equipment, makes us leaders in this field in the. national and international stage.